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This Is Why You Need To Have A MENTOR!

Being Indian, since childhood you are used to getting instructions from someone or the other in your life. First it’s your parents, as you grow, your school teachers, then college professors.

While you always want to take decisions on your own, you also want that one mentor in every stage of your life with whom you can discuss your thoughts, ideas, plans and get a perspective on things.

That one person you trust so much with his/her experience that you know he/she will help you when you are stuck with how to go about solving a problem, or executing an idea. He/she will not give you a solution, that is something you have to do on your own; but they will show you a direction you can trust.

Since school, college and now in the professional world, I have found mentors and I have seen what difference it makes in how you go about learning and exploring things.

Here is how it helped me:

1. Getting the right direction: A lot of times you have brilliant ideas but you get stuck with a few details. The experience of a mentor comes to your rescue here. So you don’t have to worry while you are executing ideas.

2. Your trust in yourself: The confidence of your mentor in you works wonders. You get that added motivation to do your work putting in your 200%

3. Continuous learning: You will always find different topics to discuss with your mentor so you get better perspective on things

4. Experience: In the beginning of your career when you are continuously trying to prove yourself, a mentor’s experience will help you in all possible ways and give you insights.

5. Advisor and motivator: Sometimes words of wisdom is all that you need to get the right path or to get through a crisis. While you still continue to be independent and take your professional decisions on your own; it makes a huge difference when someone motivates you.

6. Inspiration: When you have a role-model, it makes your action plan easier. You try to follow the footsteps of your mentor. You get inspired by him/her. You find someone you respect and want to be like. And when you see that person closely every day, you think of how he/she would have gone about solving a particular problem, and then go about doing something similar.

7. Constructive criticism: Workplaces have become highly competitive. Not every criticism you get will be true. However when you have a mentor, you know the criticism is genuine and they are sharing feedback to help you improve.

8. Most importantly, appreciation: You work better with appreciation. Your mentor will always give you a pat on your back for a job well done. Another confidence booster.

I have worked in a place where I couldn’t find a mentor. And honestly I have felt that it does affect you in a lot of ways. When you don’t have someone you can look up to such as a Manager, Head or even a team mate or a colleague it turns out to be quite disastrous and demotivating.

While it will not be the end of your career if you don’t find a mentor, it will definitely take your career in a different direction. You will get a better perspective, confidence, inspiration and motivation to work better every day with a mentor by your side.

So if you don’t find a mentor, try to be one. And for those who see people wanting you to be their mentor, give it a try!

If you are reading this and if you think I can help you in anyway, feel free to ping right away :)


This post was originally published by the author on Linkedin.

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